paco_formalHello, my name is Francisco Carrada-Bravo. I am a university professor.

To introduce a more practical bent to my courses, I designed the Carrada Simulator.

The Carrada Simulation was created to train executives, MBA's, government officers, and students of any background, how to manage a multinational corporation in a digital market.

The Simulator

During the planning period, the participants are organized into eleven management teams integrated by three to five members.

The responsibility of the management teams are: 1) to manage from one to fourteen subsidiaries, selling from one to five products; 2) to prepare a business plan, and 3) to update it as many times as desired.

To help the participants to accomplish this task, the Carrada Simulator provides a detailed manual, including marketing, cost, financial, and technological information, as well as micro and macroeconomic statistics, summarizing key aspects of the markets included in the simulation.

Biographical Sketch

Francisco Carrada-Bravo has a Ph. D. and postdoctoral studies at the universities of Harvard and California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Dr. Carrada-Bravo Has been granted research and teaching awards. In 2011, he received, in Singapore, from the Asia's Best B-School Awards Committee, the recognition of Best Professor in Financial Management.

He has been President of the North American Economics and Finance Association, and Chairman of the Academy of International Business, Western region.

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